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Friday, February 25, 2011

i just needed a little time...

I am fine, I assure you all. I needed some time away from the computer and time to focus on me and the boys. I am sorry that I drifted away for a while. Thanks to all of the sweet notes of concern.

We have had a busy last 30 days. We celebrated a 2ND birthday for the Junior Mint, shoveled snow and more snow, worked in the yard in between snow storms, working on a new AIO diaper with some special friends, the pinewood derby, getting things squared away with Cameron and his IEP and lastly re-connecting with my main man upstairs, God.

I decided that in my time away from the computer I would put a little more time into my scripture study and just my faith in God. I have had some wonderful conversations, prayers and comfort.

I am recharged and ready to face Spring, hopefully we will see it soon. I have lots to share and look forward to getting back to the swing of things. Blessings and have a wonderful weekend!