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Friday, September 14, 2012

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

are you ready for some football?

I should say are you ready for some St. Thomas More football?  Yep, that time is here again.  The St. Thomas More Cyclones are at it again.  With Cameron in 3rd grade now we are entering the Parochial League.  It is fun to travel and play other schools.  Mr. Miller is helping coach this year.  We actually had 5 Dads step up and are helping our boys.  Our head coach, Coach Brown, is an amazing leader to the other Dads and we are grateful to them all.


In past years our 3rd and 4th grade boys have played flag within our own school league.  This year they added the option of tackle for our grades.  Some us were not comfortable with that yet, so our amazing Athletic Director and my good friend, Cathlin, helped us get organized with the PLKC here in Kansas City. 

The Cyclones had their first game this past Sunday against St. John Lalande and well we didn’t do so hot they played a great game and should be proud of themselves.  We showed spirit and tenacity despite only having 2 practices due to the much needed rain we received in the 2 weeks prior.  Our boys will be back at it again this weekend in Liberty against St. James.  My own Cyclone, #14, sure showed improvement over the past years.  We are catching the ball and really getting into to being on the line.  Thank you to Uncle Jeff for coming to his game Sunday.  We loved having extra family there. 

Here are a few moments from Sunday’s game.





We almost have as many coaches as the Chiefs!DSCN0619