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Thursday, February 7, 2013

a more organized 2013

Yes, I am still alive and well.  Seems that January got the best of me.  We went from Christmas straight into planning Junior Mint's 4th Birthday.  

When we started the year I tried to set some reasonable goals for myself.  (I hate the term resolution.)

  • Organization
  • Back on track with meal planning
  • set time aside for my own spiritual growth
  • Work on self sustainability for Green Acres
  • Blogging
  • Get completely out of debt
Not to hard, but it has been interesting getting back into the groove.

Organization!  UGH the word alone scares me.  Pinterest and my girl, Anna, have been great resources for me on this adventure.  Anna encouraged me to get a big desktop calendar.  I did and it is helping.  Baby steps.

Meal planning is back in full swing.  Especially since the price of groceries  keep going up.  I have started back with just weekly and hope to be back to a Monthly plan soon since the introduction of my large calendar.  Here is a sample for next week.

Dinner with Davis’
Comfort Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, peas
 Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice, Broccoli (Pinterest)
Wednesday - Ash Wednesday
 Chicken Pot Pie, Salad (The Pioneer Woman)
Fish Nuggets, Mac and Cheese, Apples

I have joined/formed a Bible/Book study with 2 of my fav gals, Cathlin and Anna.  They are amazing Mama's that I am sharing the journey of raising our kids at STM.  Cathlin and her husband are also mine and Mr. Miller's Sponsor on our journey through the RCIA process.  I said in December we have been on a spiritual journey.  We started our RCIA  process to join the Catholic Church in September.  We have so enjoyed this journey. Mr. Miller and I are embracing all that we are learning not only about the Church but ourselves individually, as parents and as Husband and Wife.  The community that we are involved in at St. Thomas More is so amazing.  I will share more on this journey later so back to my Bible/Book Study at this time we are reading Chosen and Cherished by Kimberly Hahn.  So far it has been a good read. 

Mr. Miller and I started the planning for our Garden last night.  We will be making a few changes and moving veggies around.  We truly want to be more self sustaining.

Blogging!  I must get back into my routine again.  So here is the goal I will start by writing at least 2 times a week to start.

Get completely out of debt.  I know everyone has this dream.  We got a little closer this week.  We paid off the Explorer!  Can I get a "Woot Woot"!  Yep both cars are paid for finally.  This is such a relief.  We paid off "Yetti" the Jetta a few years ago but sadly she met her demise due to a mechanics mistake.  We replaced her with "Gerti" our Passat Wagon.  She is our unicorn.  A 2001 Passat Wagon with only 61K miles on it.  Yep we found her and love her.  Thanks to the Deacon and Pops for giving us funds from our "House Down Payment" fund. 

So as you can tell we have been busy.  We are all doing well and feel amazingly blessed as we enter into 2013.  I hope this year brings you many blessings too.