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Thursday, September 30, 2010

a change of seasons

With tomorrow being October 1, crazy I know, we did a little change of seasons this weekend out front.  I love pumpkins, mums, apples, hay and corn stalks.  I actually talked Mr. Miller into a hay bail and corn stalks this year, I think he is getting soft in his old age.  He worked so hard Sunday afternoon for me.  Our neighbors, Misty and Craig, were generous and shared some fountain grass and other plants that I am not sure of the names but they will look great in the the spring.

On another note with tomorrow being October 1 that meant I got to spend the morning at the DMV.  UGH…car tags and inspections.  Hey it only took 2 1/2 hours total so not too bad.  Mr. Miller stayed home with Henry and the rest of the “sippy cup” gang aka my daycare kids and away I went.  I did give him the option of doing the DMV and he opted to stay home and be me.

Have you put your pumpkins out yet?




I love my $2 wreath that I bought last year at end of season.  Michael’s has great deals for change of season.




Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what’s in your pantry?



Last week I actually got to pick Cameron up from school and I got to visit with my friend Tina.  She told me about another Mama from STM that had started a blog about recipes and being budget conscious when it comes to feeding your family. 

Middle Class Magic is a blog written by a Mom who would go shopping every week and buy what she thought she needed.  Well a few weeks ago she got home and realized that she had no room in the pantry or freezer for what she bought.  She decided that for 1 month she was going to give herself $30 for fresh produce and milk every week and only “shop” to feed her family from her pantry and freezer. 

It made me think.  I am good about planning a menu, but do I always look in my pantry and freezer first, no.  So starting this week I am opening that dark place known as the pantry and feeding the crew from there.  Now I am pretty frugal when it comes to buying extras so I won’t be able to go as far as she can but it did make me aware of other places I could save on the grocery budget.

Tonight we are having her Chicken and Noodles.  I am excited and I had everything in my own pantry.  Check her out and then check out your pantry what do you have hiding in there?

Monday, September 27, 2010

what’s cookin’




Butternut Squash Soup, Fresh Rolls


Chicken and Noodles, Salad


Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup


Bierocks, Peas




At Mimi’s


Kielbasa, Kraut and Apples, Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my favorite time


days are getting shorter and the nights longer,

there will soon be a crisp to the mornings,

soups and stew will fill the Crockpot,

oh how I love this season of Fall

when we go from this


to this


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fish story ~ part 2

Here you go Nana…

Once upon a time in a place called Lake Pana there was a little cottage on the point.  The Deacon and Pops would visit there a few times a year and a little boy named, Cameron, loved to go fishing with his Nana. DSCN1334 Now Cameron has a little brother named Henry.  Cameron had told his Mama and Daddy for 6 hours in the car that he was going to teach Henry how to fish.


Mama and Daddy barely got the car in park and the boys were on the dock with the Deacon and Pops.  Cameron has had 3 years of practice with the Deacon and has become quite the fisherman with his Nemo pole but this trip he tried one on the big poles.  The first day was a little slow.  That night he dreamed of catching the big one while Henry tried to keep everyone up.


Cameron and the Deacon were up bright and early the next morning and after a brief church service they set out to fish.


They caught a few, some big and some small.  But that evening just as the fire flies were beginning to start out and Mama, Daddy, Henry and the Deacon were sitting out at the picnic table they heard a shriek of delight.  “Pops, Pops its a big one!”  The Deacon ran for the net and off we took toward the shore.  This is what we saw.

DSCN1416 Mama wanted to know if Cameron really caught that, Daddy said “Yes, he did!” 

DSCN1421DSCN1424DSCN1427    We decided this one was scale worthy.

DSCN1433   5 pounds!  Cameron and his little brother Henry both felt that Daddy could just keep it close to him.


DSCN1435 That fish was almost as long as Henry.

DSCN1437 Thanks to our neighbor, Mr. Tim the friendly catfish had a spacious hotel room for the rest of the weekend until the Millers headed back to Kansas City.

DSCN1438Thus ends the story about a little boy and his first big catch.  Maybe he should be Captain Ahab for Halloween?

Monday, September 20, 2010

what’s cookin’


fall 2009 003


Salmon, Butternut Squash, Broccoli


Meatloaf, Mashed Red Potatoes, Corn


Chili, Cornbread


Egg, Potato and Sausage Frittata


Pizza ~ boys pick the toppings


Chicken Tacos



Friday, September 17, 2010

{this moment}

~ Cameron and Pops made a processional cross for our church services at the lake.  I think it’s a beautiful cross, he made this Mama very proud.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cowboy stew



I had a few emails for this recipe.  Super simple, good and friendly on the pocket book!


1 lb ground beef or bison, browned

1 med. onion and bell pepper, chopped

1 can tomato soup

6 med. potatoes, sliced

1 can chili beans

1 can baked beans

Brown beef with onions and peppers.  Place in bottom of crock pot, layer potatoes followed by beans and soup.  Cook on low 6 hours.

See, simple!  Enjoy, it will serve around 10.  Made 2 nights supper and lunch for Mr. Miller the next day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

what’s cookin’


dinner 002


cowboy stew and pumpkin muffins


grilled cheese and tomato soup


shells and sauce with green beans


black beans and rice, cornbread


fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, applesauce


cheeseburgers, fruit salad



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fish story ~ part 1

Henry had his first fishing experience this weekend at the lake.  He didn’t catch many fish, he left that job up to his brother.  Don’t worry Cameron has a whopper of a fish story to share tomorrow. No, Henry’s fish story goes a little something like this:

a) Help, I have fallen and I can’t get up with this contraption on.


b) Seriously what is this contraption and why is everyone laughing at me?  What do you mean I can’t take my airplane with me?


c) Finally getting to where the action is and that big bathtub that Mama kept saying “No, No!”

DSCN1328 DSCN1330 d) Now I can have time with my Pops!


e) Someone get Mama a margarita so she stops hyperventilating up there on the swing.


Good Job Mr. Miller!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what's cookin'

Sorry we are a day behind but we decided to load the Urban Farm Truck and head to Pana Lake for the weekend. We surprised the Deacon and Pops for their 42Nd Wedding Anniversary. We had a great time and Cameron has some great fish tales that I will share later in the week.

Meanwhile back here at Green Acres we are getting back to a regular Rhythm and I have made our menu for the week. Very kid friendly as Mr. Miller will be traveling to San Diego this week. I know what a rough job, we will miss him but my boys and I will do just fine!

Monday ~ traveling so we ate on the road

Tuesday ~ Goulash, Salad

Wednesday ~ Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup

Thursday ~ Black Bean and Cheese Burritos, fruit

Friday ~ Pizza, Salad

Saturday ~ St. Thomas More Parish Picnic for School

Sunday ~ Burgers, Potato Salad

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it works for us

A couple of weeks ago I was cruising around and came across a Mama who was looking for families to test the effects of Baltic Amber and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I read more on her site and was amazed at the testimonials from families that had tried these necklaces with their children. 

We have used the Baltic Amber in the form of a teething necklace for Junior Mint, he has worn his continuously since 4 months.  It has made a big difference.  Teething has gone smoother and he appears to be less bothered by the teeth breaking through.  I am not saying that it takes away the pain all together but it appears to sooth him.

I will admit that when the first time I was told about these necklaces I thought they were full of it.  I was wrong or at least for us it is working.  Here are a few bits of info that we found about amber.

“When worn against the skin, the body's heat wicks tiny amounts of oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid that absorbs into the skin. This absorbed acid is said to help with a variety of ailments. "
Read more: Baltic Amber FAQ |


So after having success with Junior Mint and when I had read the testimonials from other parents I thought why not lets get one for Cameron.  Saturday we loaded the Urban Farm Truck and headed over to Happybottomus in Lee’s Summit to pick one up.  He picked out one for himself. 


We even decided that maybe this would work for Mr. Miller and his migraines.  So I connected 2 together to get the right length for him.  I will tell you that within 48 hours we saw a difference it Cameron.  He appears more calm and is sleeping better.  Like I said it works for us so maybe you might find some relief from it yourself.

So please check out On the Other Side, she is an amazing Mama and full of information and makes beautiful jewelry.  I am going to look into finding one for my self, she has some citrine and that after all is my birthstone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

florentine pasta toss



This was really amazing!  I decided to pull out the cookbooks when planning the menus again because well, quite frankly I was in a rut!  Back in my former life I sold Pampered Chef so I have a ton of their cookbooks and kitchen wares.  I came across a Florentine Pasta Toss.  It was delish!  Even the boys liked it, well OK so Cameron pulled out the onions and red peppers.   He said it was the best pasta ever and that if I could leave out the “gross vegetables” aka onions and peppers that would make it even better.  Hey a Mama takes what praise she can get. 


florentine pasta toss

1 package (16 oz) your favorite pasta uncooked

1 package of fresh spinach (6 oz) ~ I happened to use a box of frozen, chopped (10 oz)last night because that is what I had and I just roll with what I have on hand

1 c diced red bell pepper

1/2 c chopped onion

1 tsp olive oil

2 garlic cloves, pressed

1 jar (16oz) creamy alfredo sauce, I used the Sinatra brand from Whole Foods last night it was awesome

1/2 c grated fresh parmesan cheese

pepper to taste

Cook Pasta according to package directions.  Drain and return to pot, add spinach and cover.

Heat olive oil in small sauté pan and add garlic, peppers and onions.  Cook 2-3 minutes or until onions are translucent. 

Transfer cooked veggies to pasta pot, add sauce, cheese and pepper.  Toss and serve.