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Monday, November 15, 2010

holy cow...thanksgiving is next week

So I have been busy with school activities, birthdays, cleaning closets, etc. and it occurred to me that Thanksgiving is next week! Wowzers, is that possible? I figured I needed to get on the ball since I am hosting for the Miller sanction.

The Deacon and Pops are flying in next Wednesday morning, I would appreciate all positive thoughts and prayers for their safe travels from Valdosta. Once they get to Green Acres they are going to pick up Cameron and then they are off to Newton to pick up Gigi. (This is her 89Th Thanksgiving as she turns 90 on December 14Th) We couldn't have Thanksgiving without her. I just hope we have decent weather so we can get down there and back with her.

I have always loved Thanksgiving, of course the food but most of all the time spent with those you love. This is going to be so much fun, I am calling it my "Walton's Thanksgiving", and I am showing my age here. Those of you that are young google The Walton's it was an amazing, good moraled TV show of my youth. We are going to go to Church on Wednesday night after we have pizza, yes Pizza! I spoke with Papa Murphy's and told them of our situation with Cameron and dairy, they said just bring my cheese in and they will put fresh gloves and clean the area and top the pizza with our cheese. He said they have a lot of customers they do this for. The sweet bag guy at Whole Foods this weekend told me to try Daiya Shreds for pizza as they melt the best. Any of you tried these?

As for Thursday I have been working on our Menu. I have loved the Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving books forever and I have planned our feast. I have even researched alternative dairy free ingredients and ideas.

Buttermilk Brined Turkey with Bourbon Gravy

Cornbread Apricot Dressing with Rosemary

Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce

Whipped Sweet Potatoes ~ for Pops and Mr. Miller

"Smashed White" potatoes for my little Cam Man

Snap Beans with fresh garlic and Bacon

Pumpkin Crumble

Pecan Tart

Stone Hill Chambourcin

I read that if I use plain coconut milk it will act like buttermilk in the brining process. We did a trial run this weekend on the "smashed white" potatoes with plain soy yogurt and chicken broth and all I can say was "YUM"! I even read up on a dairy free pumpkin custard that I can use in my crumble. Maybe this dairy free won't be so bad. Not to mention I read a testimony by a Mom and Dad who said they both lost about 60 lbs. Hello....

Friday morning the Deacon and I are off to shop and Clark Sr, Clark Jr. and the crew will be doing some exterior illuminations here at Green Acres. We will decorate later that day and just spend time together.

Thanksgiving is about togetherness, love, laughter and good food. I am thankful this year for our bountiful blessings. God never lets us down and he continues to amaze me everyday. Thank you all for being part of our blessings.

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  1. Your one heck of a woman!! Mr. Miller, Cameron, Henry, Jeremy and Brandon are very luck to have you!!