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Friday, December 17, 2010

vintage linens



I have a fondness for all things vintage but really, really love linens.  I found these great sheets months ago while on Urban Treasure Hunt.  Don’t you think it will go great in a quilt?  By the way I love antiques too, the table above was made by Mr. Miller’s grandfather.  We have an inlaid game table downstairs to match.

I am trying to hold true to a handmade Christmas.  So far so good, I will admit that I did purchase toys for the boys.  Cameron loves his legos and Henry loves Thomas. 

My sewing machine has been working on full speed and it has been very therapeutic.  Life is so busy but I am trying to slow down and enjoy the season.

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the blessings of the holiday season.

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  1. I love those! I have been on the hunt for the past several months for some great vintage linens, and I keep coming up empty handed. Thanks for the inspiration.