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Sunday, June 1, 2014

time moves on…



I can’t believe its been 7 months since my last post.  I guess you could say I just needed some time for me and all that I say yes to on a regular basis.   My Fall started excitedly with my endeavor into the Arbonne world.  That has been an amazing journey in and of itself.  Christmas came with a great trip to Georgia to see the Deacon and Pops.  In came 2014 with a “flurry” of fun and before we knew it  Spring Break was here.  I can’t believe that our school year ended Friday.  I am now the proud Mama of a Kindergartener and a 5th Grader.  Wow when did that happen? 

Cameron and Junior Mint are growing up so fast.  Cameron has embraced the game of golf and Henry is following in suit.  Mr. Miller is very excited.  I don’t play golf but am enjoying watching the 3 men in my life share in this pursuit.  We will be taking Private Lessons this summer, if you live in KC click on the private lessons link and give them a call.  Great people!  Cameron will be attending a weeklong Golf Camp in June.  We will have our last Webelos Camp at Camp Naish in July for Cam and Mr. Miller.  I can’t believe he will cross over into Boy Scouts this Fall.

As for Junior Mint, well…. he still follows big brother everywhere.  He loves to swing and garden.  He helped me harvest our first items out of the the Green Acres Garden.  I tripled the size of the garden this year.  I will be sharing more as the time moves on.  He LOVES to be read to and going to the library. I am trying to contain my excitement over this prospect right now.

Mr. Miller still works for the Big Green Tractor Company and will be celebrating 13 years this summer.  Wow!

As for Green Acres in the City….I am wanting to change things up a bit.  Would love suggestions from you, my readers.  I am looking for help in a new blog design as well.  I love the barter system.  BTW I am holding a contest over at my FB Page for Arbonne.  If you like my page you will be entered into to winning a free gift!

Can’t wait to see where time will take us, Green Acres in the City and how we will grow.  For now blessings and we will talk more this week! 


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