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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"When I grow up..."

Last evening we celebrated a milestone at Green Acres, Cameron graduated from St. Peter's Day School. He is ready for kindergarten in the fall.

First off let me start by telling you a little about our son, Cameron, he is 5 and wakes up by 6am and hits the ground running and does not drop until bedtime. He is so full of energy and people always say if I could just bottle half of it. Oh, I know, he keeps us on our toes. He has to be one of the most kind hearted, gentle souled human beings I know. He has great enthusiasm for all he does. He always asks me this series of questions:

  • Cameron - "Mama, are you a lady?"

  • Me - "Yes, Cameron I am a lady."

  • Cameron - " No! You are just a Mama and Mama's are special!"

OK, I know it melts my heart too. I am sure Patrick is wondering when will it be my turn to be the "hero" in my son's eyes, well I think last night he got the answer. The classmates all lined up on stage and took their seats (all 6 of them) and Miss Cathi, the preschool director began the program. She told us that it was time for these young minds to embark on the path to kindergarten but they first had some simple questions to ask. One of the questions was "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Well, we had all kinds of answers from veterinarian, artist, super hero and you can imagine where the list went from there. Cameron's answer was perfect, "I want to work with my Dad at John Deere Landscapes!" Yes, I think Mr. Miller had to hold back a tear or two, the grin on his face was priceless.

Every morning after Patrick leaves for work all Cameron talks about is working with his dad. How he gets to go to recycle with him and how they mow the yard together. I hope that Patrick now knows he is a "super hero" in a way to his son. Yes, Mama's are special, we kiss boo boos, dry tears, make the best "peanut" sandwiches, but, Daddy's are just as special.

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