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Thursday, July 15, 2010

garden bounty

We have started to harvest from the Garden this year.  We picked tomatoes and fresh basil one night last week and made pizza.  See those beautiful zucchini and onions?  I got them in my veggie delivery last week from Fresh Connect KC.  I have not been a big basil fan in the past but this was amazing.  I would love someone to share recipes that they use basil in, I am curious now and want to start experimenting.


My boys love Pizza, but in our search of a simpler life it meant giving up a few things such as eating out.  Lately though I have decided that instead of using the phrase “giving up” I prefer new lifestyle change.  I found a GF pizza crust that works for us and is easy to make and easy on the wallet

DSCN1125 Bob’s Red Mill GF crust is easy to make and makes 2 pizzas out of one package.  The boys like pepperoni or hamburger and me and Mr. Miller love a veggie pizza.



My assistant, Cameroni, had a great time helping me and boy they had no problem eating the results.


  1. Totally drooling here (it's past my lunchtime and now I want to come over!).

  2. That looks seriously delicious. I love fresh produce.

    P.S. everytime I see anything Vera Bradley I think of you. :)

  3. Congrats on the garden! Growing food is fun, isn't it? We have a little garden in our backyard. So far, we have harvested a few tomatoes and carrots. We are eagerly awaiting corn, green peppers, and cantelope! We also have a grape vine that is going gangbusters.

    Homemade pizzas are a great way to use the veggies and save some money. We made a couple last week and the peeps (affectionate term for our twin toddler gals) loved it! We, ok, my husband, made crust in the bread machine.

    BTW, I just pulled my third "Green Acres" cobbler from the oven. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is so cool Mari, glad you like the cobbler. A friend brought us 2 huges bags of blueberries and I have been making bread, muffins and cobbler of course. Have a great one!