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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

learning responsibility

This summer I have been trying to teach Cameron about responsibilities.  These can be as simple as brushing his teeth every morning and night, making his bed and picking up after himself.  The first two listed are going fabulously we are still working on the third.

I have been trying to explain to him also that we don’t have to get a surprise or toy every time we go to a store.  Mr. Miller and I truly believe that our society is spoiled and over indulged.  We are guilty too!  We really came to that realization on Sunday morning when we had a major storm blow through.  We had just been talking about the idea of getting rid of cable, not only to save money but to focus on us as a family, when the storm blew through.  Boom!  We lost power.  We were without power for only 5 hours where as our neighbors across the street were without for about 14.  We all came together, helping each other picking up downed limbs and making sure everyone was ok.  We sat and talked, laughed, the kids played and when our power came on we offered the coolness of our homes and freezer space.  This is what a neighborhood is about. 

So back to my original thought before I started rambling, we decided last night that Cameron, who loves to help, could start earning money or things by helping with small jobs.  Which brings me to this:


Yes, it was beautiful with all of its tiny blossoms of white, but now those are gone and I am stuck with a yard full of these tiny, half eaten, sour, rotting apples.  Henry loves to pick them up and bring them to me, so I thought why not have Cameron pick them up for 5 cents an apple.  I explained that we would keep tally and at the end of the week he could have the money for his piggy bank or in exchange for cars.  The decision is still out but it worked.  He picked up 73 apples last night.  This kept him busy and most importantly I didn’t have to pick up those darn things.


  1. Perhaps since he is earning his own money this would be a good time to teach him about tithing and giving 10% to God. Lets see at $.05 X 73 = $3.65 - 10% ($.37) he would still have $3.28 for what ever and God would be very happy. He could even have a special envelop to put his chuch money in before putting it in the collection plate on Sunday. Just a thought.

    Love ya lots!
    Mom M

  2. Good idea Nana! They do put in the offering plate on Sunday during Children's Chapel and then it is brought up with the rest of the offerings at that offertory.