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Monday, April 4, 2011

back to basics

I have decided to get back to basics around here. Lately I have fallen out of rhythm per say. I am not sure where I lost my path or way but I feel I am getting it back together. I fell into the easy quick fix meals and processed foods. Not shopping organically or for whole food type items. Mr. Miller and I had both not been feeling so great and we had noticed especially with Cameron more behavioral issues. Last week I saw and read several articles about artificial colors and the link to ADHD, not that it causes it but that is increases the symptoms. That was my "post it note". Got it God, check! Get this Mama back on path. The first question was how can I get back to buying from Whole Foods again instead of Aldi, Walmart, etc? Well you know I had to go to my "University of Google" and there were several sights with helpful tips. Tips such as these:

  1. Go to and print their sales fly er. Plan your menu for the week based off of that.

  2. This leads me to on of the most important things a family can do in these hard times, PLAN A MENU and stick to it. It makes your grocery list so much easier.

  3. Use their printable coupons, again available on their website. Be careful though, just because a label has a coupon it still doesn't mean it is the best value

  4. Buy the 365 label brand. Great value and we find it to be just as good.

  5. Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  6. Stick to the outer perimeter of the store.

  7. Buy in bulk. I found this true on buying flour and dried beans this week. Even though the packaged items were on sale it was still cheaper to buy in bulk.

I found I still spent more money than I had but I think that was due to the initial bulk buying. We will be charting and seeing how it goes. I had been spending $120 a week and we still ate out about 2 times a week, which for a family of 4 is an easy $25 per meal. I spent $160 and we didn't eat out all weekend and I figure with that alone I am ahead by $5. Please note that I didn't just throw all the food that I already had in the pantry and freezer out. We are replacing the items as we use them. If you have any additional tips please share!

I also made the decision to get back to baking our own bread. Have you read the label on a simple loaf of bread from the mainstream store? Crazy! For about $1.50 I just pulled out a beautiful loaf of sandwich bread. I used my bread machine to do the kneading and rising and then put it in a buttered loaf pan, let it rise for another 30 minutes. I baked it for 40 minutes and my house smells like a bit of heaven right now.

In the next couple weeks our Farmer's Markets will be open again. This is a great way to buy locally and save money too.

I am making Black Bean and Spinach Enchilada Casserole tonight and I started soaking my black beans this morning and this meal will make great lunches for Mr. Miller and I all week.

Eat your leftovers! Don't let any go to waste. Yes, I think I have found my way again. I am hoping to see a difference in Cameron too.


  1. I have some blogs that I read that post healthy recipes, and those generally help keep me on the healthy-eating wagon. A few favorites are,,, and .

  2. Good for you, Maeghan! It is hard to maintain healthy eating sometimes for me because cooking with whole foods requires more time and effort. It's not easy to do everyday but what a difference it makes! I'm glad to hear you are back on track. Good luck!