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Friday, March 18, 2011

henry’s latest fashion statement



Henry has decided that he really, really likes his snow boots.  Can you blame him?  The best $2 that I have spent at the Thrift Store this winter.  He has also decided that he doesn’t like to wear pants.  Hmmm….  We at least we have really cute diapers and covers to make up for it.  Yesterday being St. Patrick’s Day we sported all of our green diapers.  He is currently modeling his Green Little G Pant.

Here he is walking the catwalk, strutting his stuff.  Hey G Diapers, do you need a new model?

DSCN2480After all look at this smile, he could charm anyone.


1 comment:

  1. Ha he is too cute!!! Love the Green!! My son did the same thing lol!! he is a teenager now I won't embarrass him by pulling out the pictures hehehe ~Have a wonderful weekend Love Heather