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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

don’t mess with my little man cub



I recently encountered a situation that put me in full Mama Bear mode.  For the first time I witnessed another child purposely being cruel to my Cameron.  I know this probably wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last but it definitely got this Mama fired up. 

Here is the situation in a nutshell.  Cameron was obsessing over a movie, shocking I know to those of you that know my Cameron or any other Aspie, and this other child didn’t want to watch it.  He responded to Cameron with “what are you dumb or deaf?  I don’t want to watch that one!”  Not quite the response you want given to your son.  Long story short I diffused the situation and hopefully it is taken care of.  I will always be Cameron’s biggest champion, just ask him.  After all I am his Mama Bear and he is my little Man Cub.

I have been thinking about it constantly though.  Do people really take the time to teach their children about all of God’s Children and the different packages that they come in?  In this house we live by the Golden Rule, you know the one ~ Do unto others as you would have done unto you.  I hope that I am doing my sons a great value by teaching them to live that way.

I had recently been given a great book by a fellow STM parent, thank you Cathlin, called "How to Talk to an Autistic Kid" by Daniel Stefanski.  This is a great book geared to children partially because it was written by a 14 year old Autistic Boy who proclaims himself to by “Autistic and Artistic”.  He answers questions that are raised not only by other kids but other adults as well.

  • Why does and autistic kid sometimes stand too close?
  • Why won’t he look at me?  Does he really want to be friends?
  • Why does he complain about the lights, the noise or the smell?
  • Why does he talk about the same topic over and over?
  • How should I act?  What can I say?  What can we do together?

I find it interesting that in the same week that this situation occurred I had only days earlier been lent this book.  Hmmm…OK God got the message loud and clear.  Sounds silly but it even helped Mr. Miller and myself to understand our little puzzle known as Cameron.

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