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Monday, August 22, 2011

chicken pot pie

As I have found my rhythm again I find myself digging into my cookbooks.  I got this one, “Make It Fast, Cook It Slow” last year and love it.  She challenged herself to use her crock pot every day for one year.  Her recipes are easy and gluten free.  For those of you that gasp at the fact they are gluten free don’t worry she puts regular ingredients listed for the recipe too!  Each week I find us make at least 2 recipes from here.

Last week I made her Chicken Pot Pie.  Yes, chicken pot pie in a crock pot that is gluten free!  This was so simple.  Cameron and Henry picked the carrots from our garden, so fun!


Tonight I am making her pizza soup!  Cameron and Henry love pizza and soup so hey I figured lets make it one!  Enjoy!

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