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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well we are making some progress. Progress with Cameron and reading. Let's just say that last year was a real trial for us and school. This year promises to be so much better.

Cameron was tutored all summer by his Title 1 reading teacher. She helped him with math and reading. 1 hour, every morning all summer. Worth every bit! We found that if she read with him for 20 minutes took a break and then worked on math for 20 minutes he was very productive. We found out that taking breaks was essential last summer at the lake with the Deacon. She helped him with his homework and when he got overwhelmed they would go jump in the lake and then come back to his work. That Deacon is pretty smart!

So I started this out with progress, last night was an amazing night for us. Cameron and his fellow classmates have to log and read 100 minutes per week, Friday to Friday. He brought home his reader and we read "The Dragon". He asked if he could read a page and in turn I would read a page. Not a problem at this point whatever it takes. He was so excited! He read! He did it! I knew he could but he has never been excited about it. Yes, this Mama got gushy when it was done, but I was so proud. I felt as if we had hit a major milestone.

Thank you to our wonderful St. Thomas More Staff for helping with our Cameron and believing in him! (Ms. K.O and Ms. K.T. we love you guys more than you know!)

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  1. That's good news....Progress is always good. And it's wonderful that he has such a support with the teachers.