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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

arnica ~ a must have

A couple of weeks ago at Happybottomus we had our Holistic Moms Meeting, by the way this group meets every 2ND Thursday at Happybottomus at 6pm. Great group of women who share a lot of knowledge. Any ways they had a speaker by the name of Juel Rice, amazing Classical Homeopathic.

She spoke to us about our "must haves" if you will in your medicine cabinet. The one I am going to share about is Arnica. She told us that in any trauma situation from an injury to upsetting news it is a must. Be it orally or in the form of the gel. She said that it had an overwhelming calming and soothing effect.

Last night we put it to the test. On Saturday when I left work I twisted my ankle, slight sprain no big deal. Well last night we were finishing getting current on leaf cleanup, you know that never ending nemesis this time of year, I was working in the back and I stepped wrong off of the pathway. Well lets just say I felt a pull and I knew it wasn't good and of course I kept working through the pain because the rain is coming and we had a mess. I decided also to keep this to myself until I was finished and that part made Mr. Miller quite upset. I just told him that is why I had him to make it better. That part is true because he may be in the "green tractor" industry but that paper on the wall from Washburn University says BA in Athletic Training. He has a lot of experience in taping ankles from his days on the sidelines with the Ichabods. (I must squeeze in "Go Bods" as we are number 3 in the MIAA right now.)

Back to the root of the story, we came in showered and immediately got the ice and put the ankle up. As I was sitting I remembered Juel's list so I had Mr. Miller get the Arnica gel and we rubbed it in. WOW, it really helped in a number of ways. Calming of the situation, soothed the pain and helped the bruising. I really believe in this. I have used it on the boys over the years for different ailments and now it will be a regular in this house.

Juel suggests the Boiron label. That is what we have in the gel form, tonight I am going to get the tablets to have also.

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