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Thursday, November 3, 2011

loving eco-sprout


Savoring Summer Weekends 013

Part of doing cloth diapers is washing the diapers.  Trust me I don’t love this task but I am used to it.  Plus I like that I am saving money, the earth and protecting my Junior Mint’s bum from harsh chemicals.

So back to laundry, I found a new love in my routine.  Eco-Sprout.  Great laundry product.  I have always battled “stinkies” with my diapers.  For those of you wondering what “stinkies” are, it is when there is a build up of soap product mixed with bacteria and you can get a musty or ammonia smell.  Funky I know.  So I decided to try Eco Sprout.  LOVE IT!  I followed his directions on his web site for getting the “stinkies” out and it worked beautifully.  I am “de-stinking” the rest of the stash now.  We have also tried his bottom balm and it is just as great.

If you use cloth, try this.  We are even using it on the household laundry too.

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