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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thanksgiving blessings

This Thanksgiving I took on the task of hosting our family dinner. My sister Erika said I was crazy to even attempt to seat 20 for a formal dinner in my quaint little home. Many of you know that I am not one to back down on a challenge. Well as you can see below I did it.

We may have been a little cramped, but what are family functions for? We gathered, shared stories of our hectic lives, gave thanks and broke bread together. I think it was perfect, almost just like a Walton's Thanksgiving. I didn't have a long enough room for a 18 foot table so we settled for moving my dining room table into the living room and making a 12 foot in the dining room. I do have to thank my sisters for clean up and the brother in laws for helping to move my house back to original placements. I love you all!
I hope you all had a day full of blessings and reflections of the bountiful gifts we are given in this life. I know I did.

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