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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

some of my favorite childhood books

As a child I always loved to read.  I give that credit to my parents.  Growing up in Seattle we spent a lot of time outside using our imagination. Mom and Dad used to take us not only to the Library on a regular basis but since my Dad was a student at the the U we spent a fair amount of time at the Bookstore.

My mom would spend hours reading to us girls. One of my favorite childhood authors was Stephen Cosgrove.  He wrote the Serendipity series of books.  Wonderful books with a moral always attached.
 Today I got to read one of those books with Henry and I am so looking forward to Cameron reading one to me today for his final book report for the quarter.  My absolute favorite is the Wheedle on the Needle.

Wheedle is a very grumpy orange sasquatch who is upset with all the people moving to Seattle.  All he wants is a quiet place to sleep, but he is finding that this is close to impossible. When he heads for the top of the Space Needle and unleashes a never-ending rainfall, everyone stays indoors, and the city is quiet once again. Now, it's the Seattleites who are grumpy — who wants to stay inside all the time? Is there a solution that makes everyone happy?

Being a Seattleite this is a classic.

Go to the library check these books out.  They are wonderful!

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. IT really means a lot to me. On a different note, as a kid I LOVEd the serendipity books. They were definitely one of my favorite sets...Leo the Lop, Crabby Gabby, Dragolin...I LOVED them all! I will have to check out some of the newer ones. Weedle on the Needle sounds fun.