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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fish story ~ part 2

Here you go Nana…

Once upon a time in a place called Lake Pana there was a little cottage on the point.  The Deacon and Pops would visit there a few times a year and a little boy named, Cameron, loved to go fishing with his Nana. DSCN1334 Now Cameron has a little brother named Henry.  Cameron had told his Mama and Daddy for 6 hours in the car that he was going to teach Henry how to fish.


Mama and Daddy barely got the car in park and the boys were on the dock with the Deacon and Pops.  Cameron has had 3 years of practice with the Deacon and has become quite the fisherman with his Nemo pole but this trip he tried one on the big poles.  The first day was a little slow.  That night he dreamed of catching the big one while Henry tried to keep everyone up.


Cameron and the Deacon were up bright and early the next morning and after a brief church service they set out to fish.


They caught a few, some big and some small.  But that evening just as the fire flies were beginning to start out and Mama, Daddy, Henry and the Deacon were sitting out at the picnic table they heard a shriek of delight.  “Pops, Pops its a big one!”  The Deacon ran for the net and off we took toward the shore.  This is what we saw.

DSCN1416 Mama wanted to know if Cameron really caught that, Daddy said “Yes, he did!” 

DSCN1421DSCN1424DSCN1427    We decided this one was scale worthy.

DSCN1433   5 pounds!  Cameron and his little brother Henry both felt that Daddy could just keep it close to him.


DSCN1435 That fish was almost as long as Henry.

DSCN1437 Thanks to our neighbor, Mr. Tim the friendly catfish had a spacious hotel room for the rest of the weekend until the Millers headed back to Kansas City.

DSCN1438Thus ends the story about a little boy and his first big catch.  Maybe he should be Captain Ahab for Halloween?


  1. Thanks Maeghan! It really is a great fish story! Loved having you at the lake. Now do we get to hear about the parade too? Love you all lots! Mom M aka Nana, Deacon.

  2. What a wonderful adventure they had!