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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pickled carrots and jalapenos

This year our garden is carrot and hot pepper heavy.  Not complaining but just trying to find new ways to use these wonderful veggies together. 

We have a favorite Mexican restaurant here in Kansas City, Dos de Oros (I have shared our love for this place before.), they have a carryout Taqueria with some of the most amazing sauces and relishes.  Mr. Miller loves their carrot and hot pepper one so I figured why can’t I make this myself to have at home for everyday use.  “University of Google here I come!”

Up came a recipe from Guy Fieri.  It was super simple and is wonderful!

Cast of Characters


Look at these wonderful “friends of the garden” that we grew!  I didn’t have enough jalapenos so I used a variety of Anaheim peppers too.


The aroma was enticing.


The finished product.  Once it cooled I simply put in an airtight container in fridge.  The true test that is has passed the Mr. Miller seal of approval, the jar is now half empty.


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