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Thursday, July 12, 2012

what’s cookin’?



I am going to change things up a bit around here.  I have posted my “what’s cookin’?” on Mondays forever, but it seems that I do my shopping on Thursdays which means I plan my menu for the week from Thursday to Wednesday.  I feel like it makes more sense to share our menu planning on Thursdays with you, plus by shopping on Thursday my readers that use coupons have just gotten the new ads.

We are going to have a full weekend with tying up some loose ends on my new business venture with my friend, business partner and sister from another mother ~ Mama K.  We will share what is happening with you on Monday so stay tuned.  It is so exciting I am just about to burst! Plus we will have a house guest from Monday thru Wednesday, Cameron’s friend Collin is staying with us while his Mama is traveling next week and his Daddy’s work takes him out early in the morning.  We are thrilled to have him be with us.


hot dogs, cottage cheese with pears


Red Beans and Rice, Salad and Cornbread


Meatloaf,Cheesy Grits, broccoli


at Mimi’s in Topeka


Spaghetti, Salad, baguette


Chicken Tacos, Black Beans and Rice


Cheeseburgers, Tots, Carrots with Ranch

Still loving to use the crockpot and do as much on the grill as we can.  We have had a nice respite from the heat but it will be back with a vengeance next week. UGH!



  1. I haven't posted in forever, but I try to catch up whenever I can. Two things:

    1. How do you decide what to cook each week? Probably a silly question, but I can be clueless in the kitchen. I just know I need to do something on the meal planning front. Tips?

    2. At least a year ago, you posted a super easy, supery yummy recipe for fruit cobbler. I saved it and pulled it out the other day. Blueberry Apple Cobbler! Always think of you!

    1. You are too kind about the cobbler:)
      I first look at what we have going on and base easy fixes on that. Also the weather which right now is so hot I don't want to turn on the oven. I read a lot of blogs and I am addicted to pinterest. Always throw in easy nights of hot dogs or Chicken nuggets too. My boys love salad so we eat that a lot for a side.
      I hope this helps.