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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

balancing act

I am working on my circus routine, you know the balancing act that we all do when we have a lot going on.  Trust me I am not complaining, I am merely getting my balancing act back.

This last week was my first one where I worked 3 days out of the home at Happybottomus, shhh I am loving the retail gig again.  I never, I mean NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth again.

Green Acres Closet is doing better than expected.  I am having sales in the Etsy Store and I have 2 retailers working out the fine details of carrying my line.  The Lord has blessed us greatly these days.  I am so thankful.  It really proved to me that if you relax, pray and turn it over HE will help you.

So this is where the balancing act comes in.  I am sewing a lot lately, trying to clean and organize, plus be mom and wife and lastly come up with fun marketing ideas for Brookie at the store.

Here is a look at what I am working on in my workshop.




I would love to chat more but Mama has to get moving today.  Laundry, shipping sold items, sewing and cleaning Junior Mints room are a few items begging for my attention today not to mention 3 special Miller Men in my life.  Hope all is well with you and enjoy this day!

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