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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

opening soon…



Yep that is my favorite billboard for my etsy store front.  I know he is almost out of fluff *sigh*, but I remind myself it will be about 2-3 less loads of laundry per week. 

My hope is that I can have the shop open again by this evening.  Cross your fingers.  I added a link to the side over here –>.

Here is some of what I will be listing at this point. 

DSCN3214Upcycled Wool Soakers.  $20

DSCN3218I am using both Wool Sweater and Merino Wool Interlock for the waistbands.  They all have the extra wet zone protection sewn in on the soakers. 


The Shorties - $21 and Longies - $22 will be made in various weights of wool for use all year long.

DSCN3215  I am using only 100% wool sweaters that I find on my Urban Treasure Hunts.  I love re purposing materials to keep our carbon footprint down.

I have been able to sew 3-4 per day at this point during nap.  On a side note:

My world is changing in so many directions.  Starting tomorrow I am going back to work, very part time.  I have some friends who own a natural parenting store here in Kansas City, Happybottomus, for you locals it is by the Whole Foods at 91st and Metcalf.  I am going to be helping them on Thursday evenings, Fridays and Saturdays.  It is going to be a change but I am welcoming it.  My sippy cup gang is becoming very part time and I, like many others, need to bring in some other resources for the family.  God answered our prayers for the right fit.  Mimi has graciously offered to come in from Topeka weekly to care for the boys on Fridays so they can keep their rhythm.  My friend Melissa, she is a saint, has offered to help with Junior Mint on Fridays if there is bad weather.  Several Mama’s at STM have offered help with Cameron after school in that situation.  It does take a village.  I am grateful, honored and feel at peace with this adventure.

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