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Thursday, October 6, 2011

making use of what you have

In these economic times we have to make choices.  This we all know to be true.  I have wanted to update Mr. Millers and my space for some time now. 

It had all the basic necessities plus the added junk in the corner, on the dresser, etc, etc, etc… Last week during nap time I went to work.  Here is the break down of what I did on a budget of $0.

1. Moved furniture.  Easy to do and plus you can do a good sweeping and dusting.  Trust me I love my hardwoods but they breed furry creatures.

2. Brought Mr. Millers chair in from the living room to give us a cozy little nook to read.  Hung artwork that needed to be moved.


3.  We have wanted new curtains for sometime.  I had long white panels that had been given to us by Dad and Linda years ago.  Nice curtains, just finally out of date.  You know they still had the tab ties at the top.  Simple I took them down and gave them a good washing, cut the tabs off and made a new pocket for the rod. 

4.  The window on my side needed updating too.  Same curtains but this time not only did I cut the tabs off and put new pockets, but I cut them in half to get a fuller look.  Also so they were not hanging to the floor and collecting dust.

DSCN3252(excuse the dimness of this pic my camera flash was not cooperating)

Yes now I know I  really need to paint and wouldn’t you know we have a gallon of paint just waiting to be used.  A beautiful shade of blue.  It will go so nice with the quilts and dark color of our menagerie of  wood furniture in the room.  By the way we bought this paint 3 years ago when we moved in and it just never made it onto the walls.  At the time I could blame it on being 10 weeks pregnant.  I can’t use that excuse anymore.

Don’t be afraid to look around your home and see what small changes you can make for no money.  You might be surprised.  Look at magazines and design web sites there are lots of ideas out there.

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