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Monday, October 3, 2011

urban treasure hunting ~ 2

Back in August of 2009 I shared with you about my obsession with Urban Treasure Hunting.  Let’s just say it hasn’t changed.  I still love to go on the hunt.

Here are some pretties that I have found and that the Deacon has found for me at Auctions in Valdosta.  Jars are not just for canning they make great containers in your pantry for dry goods.



My other quest every week is for wool sweaters for these.

DSCN3181How cute is he?  I know I am partial but he makes my heart happy.  Henry loves his woollies and green so when I found this sweater Mama had to make him a new pair.

When I am on the hunt I like to go to the Red Racks Thrift store because it is quarter day.  Certain tags are .25 each and others are 25% off.  I find a lot of my wool that way.  Even if I pay their full price for some it balances out.  Go on the hunt you never know what you might find.  

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