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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

double take

I went to get a prescription last night for my Cameron, he has strep. YUCK! He is on the mend this morning but none the less I kept him home with me today. He wasn’t to happy since he will miss “Trunk or Treat” tonight at school. Mama to the rescue! We are going to have our own Halloween Palooza here. We will carve our pumpkins, watch the “Great Pumpkin” (a must see), have popcorn and the boys and I will make cookies this afternoon. Not bad planning for 6:30 am with a crying boy.

Back to the purpose of today’s post, I received this text while I was out:

october 2011

I always thought he looked like Pops, but wow there are definite Mr. Miller genes in there too. Especially when wearing Daddy's glasses.

DSCN0302 But when you put the 3 together, hmmm. Genetics are amazing.

Cameron 116Cameron was 2 in this picture, 3 generations strong. I think he will continue to grow into a pretty great guy in looks, generosity, faith and life, just look at his Pops and Mr. Miller.


  1. Very sweet -- I'm sure Cameron will inherit the best of everything!

  2. Awwww - strep is awful. Wishing Cameron a speedy recovery.

    I love multi-generational photos. I have one of my girls with my mom and grandma and me. We can see some remarkable similarities as well.