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Thursday, January 5, 2012

potty training...ugh

Well it has come to that dreaded time of potty training or potty learning as some refer to it.  I prefer training because really is it the child being "trained" to not go in their pants or the parent being trained to watch for the "dance"?  Someone is getting trained at Green Acres.

Cameron was so easy!  At 2 he decided he hated to be wet and it took 48 hours and that was it!  We had maybe 3 total accidents in the day and has been totally dry at night from the get go.  Now we come to my stubborn child, HENRY!  He has no interest in this process at all.  Oh yes we have tried bribery with M&M's and etc.  Nope not one inkling or "tinkling"! (sorry couldn't help myself) As we approach his 3rd birthday on the 26th it is time to get on the Potty Train.  Yes, I will hate not seeing him in his fluff but I am ready for the next stop in his life adventure.  I will continue to make fluff as I have wonderful friends and family still making cute bottoms to model my stuff.

I ordered some new trainers today from Itsy Bitsy Bums we decided to go with the Kissaluvs. I also have a ton of underwear in the drawer from big brother and our neighbor, Anni, gifted us with some over Christmas that were too small for her Henry.

Junior Mint is in for a lifestyle change here at Green Acres.  I am asking for tips and prayers as we embark on this journey here soon.


  1. Aah yes, such a fun milestone! I have had mixed experiences with my kids. I wish you great success in the training, no matter who is being trained. ;)

  2. Jackson was also stubborn and finally was diaper free as of 2 moths ago, so he was 3 1/2. He was pretty trained with peeing since about 3, that he picked up pretty easily, although it was often still a fight to get him in the bathroom. But honestly I have really no tricks to tell you, bribing didn't work at all for him. I guess what we learned was just to always be positive even when we just asked him if he had to pee, he replies no, and then two seconds later pees all over our good furniture, argh... But if we even got a little upset at him, it just set us back farther. And the final thing we've noticed with a stubborn child is just that it won't happen when you want it to, it happens when they want it to. One day he just decided he wanted to use the potty and it was as simple as that. It really had nothing to do with how much we pushed. This was the same way for my nephew who took until a month before his 4th birthday, when he just woke up one day and they found him on the potty. So just sit back, stay positive and don't worry about it, it will just happen, when he's ready. Good Luck!!!!