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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my infirmary

It started out as most morning with the hustle and bustle of getting Mr. Miller out the door.  Trying to keep Cameron focused on his task at hand which isn't always the easiest.  Henry did tell me his tummy hurt but in the same sentence started joking with his brother. 

Maybe I should have listened more intently.  Note to self:  When a 3 year old says his tummy hurts, it probably does!  Yep I am thankful for my hard wood floors and the fact that we hadn't gotten in the car yet.  I am also thankful that Mr. Miller's new location is just a couple minutes from home.  He rushed home to take Cameron to school. 

Henry and I decided to cuddle in my bed.  Phone rings and I see its STM.  Yep, Cameron didn't make it through Mass.  Bless his heart.  I asked him before he left for school and he said he was great.  I believed him because one thing with Aspies they are honest.  When I got to the school he said "honest Mama it didn't start feeling up/down (his term for nausea) until we got into mass" .

I am running an infirmary today.  We have survived and we haven't had any more "messes".  Just sleepy and achy boys.  They are starting to drink some Spite and I am going to heat up some Chicken Broth with rice for dinner if they want it.  Tomorrow we will lay low, work on the homework Cameron brought home for today and put out Easter decor.  I know he could probably go to school but I would rather have it be a full 24 hours. 

I am very grateful for Mrs. Spiller's quick reaction with Cameron this morning and for helping him.  Thank you to Mrs. Tanner in advance for bringing our Thursday homework home tomorrow.

Back to the laundry and fresh bed linens for my patients.

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