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Thursday, March 15, 2012

perfect popcorn with a side of pinterest

My new latest obsession is Pinterest.  Which I am sure many of you have discovered.  Why it can suck me in for hours at a time is fascinating.  Mr. Miller has discovered it too, he just goes in under my name.  We have a variety of boards.  I have used quite a few of the ideas and plan on many more for the garden this year.

I was stalking boards the other day and came across this on a board.  The recipe for Perfect Popcorn.  Let me tell you it works.  Simply put 1/3 c of un popped kernels in a brown paper lunch sack, fold top over twice, place in microwave with the bottom fold on the bag upwards and set timer for 2:25.  Ouila'!
Perfect air popped popcorn!  I am seriously addicted to this!  Mr. Miller sprinkled a little Louisiana Hot Sauce on his bowl last night and I just ate mine plain.  So good, pure and natural.  Try it.

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