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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday was going very well.  Lot's of sunshine, production in Green Acres Closet, totally prepared for my STM 4 All Meeting and Henry gently playing along side me wherever I was working.  I left to get Cameron and as well pull in the school parking lot Henry fell asleep as usual so I decided in the 10 minutes of peace to myself I would check my emails.  That is when I let an email ruin my day.  I say "let" very strongly.

I had a reader leave a comment that was not what I would call respectful to me, my family or my way of raising my family.  It immediately sent a black cloud over head.  I tried to hide it but my sweet, gentle Cameron figured his Mama out.  As we were sitting there waiting our turn to pull out I felt this warm little hand on my shoulder, which for a child with Asperger's says a lot.  I take every touch as a blessing and savor them.

His soft voice said, "Mama are you mad?"
Me:  "No Cameron, Mama is just a little sad."
Cameron:  " Why?"
Me:  "Because someone used some words that hurt me, I will be OK."
Cameron:  "I am sorry, Mama.  I love you, does that help?"
Me:  " More than you know Cameron!"

Last night I was checking Facebook and had some very sweet comments about my Leftovers post.  Thank you my sweet friends, you defiantly were a big part of turning my frown upwards.  OK God, "post it note" 1 received.

Then this morning I was doing my "blog stalking" and I came across a new favorite, Passionate Homemaking , she brought things into perspective for me.  This was my "post it note" 2 from upstairs.  She talks about Ma Ingall's and some words of advise she gave to Charles.  In an episode Pa had done something to anger her and it was growing deep inside of her.  She finally had enough and said to Pa "It's such a waste of time to be angry at you!"

No truer words ever spoken.  I let this person ruin my day.  Why?  Why did it matter?  Lindsay you are so right.  Feeling sorry for myself didn't improve the situation and it was a big WASTE of my time. I should have stopped and prayed for her.  I am praying today for her.  I am hoping that whatever trials she is going through she can find solace in.  I am a good Mother, Wife, Friend and Person.  I took a moment to re read Proverbs 31 this morning and Proverbs 31:25 is so true here.

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come

So yes, I am smiling again this morning.  Laughing at life's little lessons and how I need to stop and realize that people are people.  I know that I am doing what's right for my family and me.  We try to serve God, help our neighbors and I know I can go to sleep at night knowing I served my God with grace and dignity.

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