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Thursday, September 12, 2013

not a choice…

I have been facing a few challenges lately with being the Mama of that “kid”.  You know the one with the quirks.  The one who has the meltdown because things are not going his way.  The one who makes the noises.  The one that can’t look you in the eye and you think they are ignoring you. I am that Mama at the store that people look at and then away.
Yes I AM!  I AM the Mama to an amazing child and gift from God.  Yes, we may not be “normal” but what is normal anyways. We were chosen by God to be this beautiful boys parents. 
I AM the Mama to a child with Autism, Asperger’s to be exact with a side of OCD, ADHD and SPD.   I often joke that we have Alphabet soup behind our name.  I am writing this today to let my fellow “Superhero” Parents and friends that we are here for each other and to support each other.  Lately I have had some friends facing some rough times with “fitting” their piece into the mainstream puzzle and it has really spoke to me.  I have been there.  I keep remembering to take a deep breath, pray and I count to 10 a lot.   I have learned to speak up and am teaching Cameron to advocate for himself too.  Thank you Ms. Anna K for that reminder. 
I am grateful to be at a school that does a pretty good job of inclusion, not perfect but we are getting there.  We have STM for All and the support of Friends of FIRE.  These two programs help keep my “gift” and others in a regular classroom and help in the fight for an Inclusive Religious Education.
I am grateful to be in an amazing network of friends at that school.   (We refer to each other as the Real Housewives of STM or RHSTM.)  I am grateful to be on this journey with Mr. Miller.  I am grateful for my family and my faith.  Without all of these components I couldn’t do what I do.
I was cruising Facebook this morning and a gal I love at Autism With a Glass of Wine had a great picture and caption this morning.  Head over to her page, give her a big ol’ LIKE.  She might enlighten your world just as she has mine.  
“I am beautiful not broken.  Different not less.  Challenged not challenging. 
Overwhelmed, not spoiled.  Autism is not a choice.
However, acceptance is.”
Remember the next time you are at the store, park or wherever that child who isn’t “normal” in your eyes might not have a choice in how they are feeling and how they are reacting in the moment, but you do.


  1. I am also THAT mom. And we also have an alphabet soup diagnosis (Tourette's Syndrome, Mood Disorder NOS, ADHD, and ODD.) Wow, woman, I REALLY identify with what you've written today. The quote from facebook brought tears to my eyes and speaks so eloquently of not just autism, but describes all of our beautiful and special children. Thank you Maeghan.

    1. Thank you Lorie, it was with you guidance and love for Cameron in Pre School we got our answers on Cameron. You helped open our eyes. Bless you friend.