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Monday, September 9, 2013

UTH:: weekend find!

UTH, you probably read that and went what is she talking about?  I LOVE Thrift Stores, Garage Sales and Craigslist.  Let’s face it I love a deal, you might as well call me “Second Hand Rose” yes, I love Barbra Streisand too but that’s another story. I have in the last years named these adventures Urban Treasure Hunts aka UTH.  We used to only do them in Big Red the Explorer but since we got Gertie, Mama’s new Passat wagon – she was a UTH too, we take her also.

Mr. Miller and I were driving through Mission this weekend after a visit to Diaper Daisy and we came upon a yard sale and he had these wonderful wash tubs on a stand.  That definitely caught my eye but alas he wouldn’t budge on the price so I moved on.  I walked the yard through all of his lovely treasures, since all were 50% at that point.   I came upon this gem tucked away and filled with other treasures.  I looked at the tag and it said $5 so that meant $2.50 call it SOLD!  I paid the man and it got loaded in Gertie on top of Cameron’s golf clubs that I forgot were still back there and away we went.



When I got to the car Mr. Miller gave me “the look”, you know the one where they are saying “now what is she going to have me do”.  I re-assured him this was an easy project.  I just simply wanted to use it for the garden hose in the back yard.  It already had a rusted hole in the bottom so I thought we could bring the hose up through the bottom and coil them in.  He agreed.  Sometimes this Mama is pretty clever.  I love the challenge of repurposing old into new.


Mr. Miller did a great job with placement.  He set it up on some pavers so the hose didn’t get kinked and put it out by the kitchen so I could get the garden easily and the rest of Green Acres.  Nice job Honey!



Warning the cute Puppy in the next picture is not for sale or trade.  Introducing our newest member of the Green Acres Family, Penelope Karolynn aka Penny.  She is a 20 week old German Bulldog who loves to pose for pictures.  We are working on commands, she thinks she gets a treat whenever she sits Pretty for us.  What you haven’t heard of a German Bulldog?  She is a Pedigree German Shepard and English Bulldog.  We love her to bits.  I will share her story soon.


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