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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Pancakes for breakfast not such a crazy idea right?  I have a secret to admit here, I have never made pancakes truly from scratch.  Yes, I have bought the Krusteaz Mix and done that but when I say from scratch I mean pull out your inner Olivia Walton along with the flour, baking powder, eggs and milk.  I have often spoke of my unhealthy affair that I have with Pinterest well when Junior Mint asked for pancakes one morning I got brave.  Really it just gave me an excuse for a rendezvous with my obsession.  I looked and found a great and simple recipe, of course it was a “good thing” as it came from Martha.  Basic Pancakes, so easy that Junior Mint got in on the action himself.  I found some blueberries in the old Frigidaire (pardon my reference to Steel Magnolia’s) and threw them in too.  Let’s just say it met to Junior Mint’s approval.  Saved the extras in a container for the next morning.

Confession time…yes I do still occasionally buy the frozen pre made cakes but I am going to do my best effort to make batches ahead of time and use my sealer to keep them ready and in the freezer.  The from scratch ones that is.  I am truly amazed at how easy, tastier and healthier it is to make “Simply From Scratch”.   We are trying to keep a handle on funds and so if I can stay on the exterior of the store to buy fresh and not the interior for processed it does help.  The other factor is trying to clean eat.  With Cameron’s Asperger’s clean eating is essential. Disclaimer:  We are not perfect nor experts but simply parents who want to do the best for him and ourselves. 

Junior Mint channeling his inner Bobby Flay.


A hot cast iron griddle, not a must have, is a big help.  Thank you Erika and Randy for this gift from years past.  I love it still to this day.



Voila’ breakfast is served.  If you haven’t tried the Organic Syrup at Aldi you are missing out.  At $3.89 a bottle you can’t beat it.


The clean plate and purple stains around his mouth say it all.


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