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Friday, March 11, 2011

moments from the great snow of 2011

I know it is 65 and sunny today, there are clothes on the line, pack n plays being sanitized and soaking up the rays and lastly my dining room chairs have been scrubbed and are sunbathing with the cribs but I found some pictures that I hadn’t shared. 

We had a great snow this year, Kansas City got hammered, Cameron had snow days and even that big green tractor company closed for 2 days(yes, miracles do happen).


Mr. Miller teaching Cameron that it is not nice to throw snowballs at Mama.

DSCN2432The Great Fort of 2011.  A nice 2 room fort including ammunitions room.

DSCN2433DSCN2434DSCN2438I am still not sure which of my 2 older boys had more fun.

DSCN2444Without imagination the world would be so boring.    

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