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Friday, March 4, 2011

my sweet boy



As you know I have been given the gift of 2 amazing sons, Cameron and Henry. 

Cameron is in 1st grade this year and had a book fair this week at school.  We usually send him with money and a list of what is ok and not ok to purchase.  He does a really good job of sticking to his list.  This time I gave him a little extra and told him he could get extra books.  We are trying to encourage him to read.  Reading seems to be our weakest area in school and from the visits with the specialist this week, very typical of Aspergers.  It will click I am sure and yesterday was my first sign.

Cameron came home with 5 books, he gets his bargain hunting skills from his Mama, the Star Wars book he had been coveting plus 4 books for his little brother Henry.  Talk about making a Mama proud, I know I couldn’t believe it.  He told me that since Henry hasn’t been able to go to the book fairs with him that he should get some books too.  The best part is that Cameron and I read a book to the Sippy Cup Gang yesterday, one that he bought about Piglet and Pooh.  I read one page and he read the next.  My Cameron read with me!  It was amazing!

Thank you God for the patience and guidance with our Cameron, he truly is an amazing gift!


  1. The reading specialist in me is chiming in: The decision to give Cameron a little extra was the perfect one. It gave him a litte authority and the perception of choice, two very important factors in getting kids to read. Find books that target his interests, and your chances of getting him hooked on reading grow significantly. But you probably already knew that. The favorite book in our house right now is One by Kathryn Otoshi. A simply lovely book that combines colors, counting, and a subtle messaging on bullying. Keep up the reading, Cameron!