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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

taken it off tuesday



Good progress this week…..down another 4 for a total of 18!  Wahoo!  I liked my scale this week.

It was a little hectic last Thursday and Friday.  Henry started vomiting Thursday and Cameron came down with it Friday.  2 of my 3 Sippy Cup Gang members had it on Friday too.  I was a little under the weather Sunday, but not near as bad as my boys.  Good news is we are back in full swing and it seems to only last 12 – 24 hours.  Phew!

Tried a new way to cook hamburgers and ground meat on the stove.  Instead of oil I put in 2 tbsp of water and cooked them in my cast iron skillet with the lid on.  It steamed them.  Very tasty and cut the fat down drastically.  I use either bison or turkey so we are already low fat.  These burgers turned out so juicy.  Try it!

The weather is so crazy here.  Mid 60’s on Friday then snow yesterday and today is sunny and in the 5o’s.  Got to love the midwest in the spring.  I am taking advantage of it though.  I have the last of the sick blankets in the wash and on the line.  Nothing like a good dose of spring cleaning to cleanse the house, mind and soul.

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