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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

diaper swap

I participated in a diaper swap this past weekend in St. Joseph, Missouri.  It is only 1hr and 15 from the house so Mr. Miller and I drove up early Saturday morning.  Mimi graciously helped with the little guys.  For you that are curious as to what a Diaper Swap is, I describe it as a “Craigslist of Cloth”.  You get to find gently used or new items, meet like minded parents and just look at different types of cloth diapers that are out there.  As Aubrey says, “Cloth Diapers are not just pins and plastic pants”.

This Swap was put on my Aubrey Turley of Bumper Covers.  She did a great did a great job.  It was well put together and so welcoming to both sellers and Mama’s looking to score some wonderful cloth.  I didn’t sell a lot but some, I have even finished a special order taken post swap.  I did a lot of networking and spent a morning with some very sweet Mama’s.



Here is a little bit of my recent handy work.  I am loving my new space.  Some of my appliques are shapes found on fabric scraps and the others I just free cut whatever I am thinking of.  Each one is unique. 


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