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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

oh the things children say…



Have you had those moments with your children when you know what you heard come out of their mouth and his makes you go “hmmmmmm”? A very Arsenio Hall moment happened last night while Mr. Miller was helping Cameron with his homework.  Cameron had an assignment for religion class.  He had to decorate a cross and on the back side he had to write how he was going to get closer to Jesus and/or work on during the Lenten Season.  As his parents we had to discuss this with him and answer his questions.  You wouldn’t think this would be to difficult for us considering Mr. Miller is the son of an Episcopal Deacon.  Here is a brief recap of the conversation between Cameron and Mr. Miller.


Mr. Miller:  “As a family Cameron we are going to give up eating out during Lent.”

Cameron:  “ Does that include McDonalds?”

Mr. Miller:  “ Yes , son that includes McDonalds or any fast food.”

Cameron:  “But why?”

Mr. Miller:  “ During Lent we give things up as a sacrifice.  Our sacrifice is to honor our Lord and his ultimate sacrifice he gave us. ” (I was impressed at that moment.)

Cameron:  “ Why don’t we eat meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays now?”

Mr. Miller:  “ Well it is another sacrifice to symbolize when Christ fasted for us.”  (Are you impressed Deacon, I was again at that moment.)

Cameron:  “ So in other words Dad, fasting and Fast Food is the same thing?  Thanks for clearing that up for me.”

Mr. Miller:  “ Maybe we should call the Deacon.”


Henry had a moment too this morning, never a dull moment here.  I was fixing us some eggs after we took Cameron to school.  Henry loves to help me cook and he is fascinated when I crack the eggs on the side of the pan.

Henry:  “Mama are you hatching the eggs now?”

Me:  “ I am cracking the eggs.”

Henry:  “Nope I am pretty sure you are hatching them right there in the pan!”

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