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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

add sock monkey doctor to my resume



Our beloved Monk Monk was in sad shape.  Monk Monk came to live with us in December of 2009 and has been a vital member of the this family every since.  He is well loved and in fact should be named Joseph since his already colorful appearance sports several scraps from Mama’s wool scrap bin.  A week ago Henry came to me with Monkey in tow, being drug down the hall by his tail, “we have a problem and you need to call Mimi!”.  Mimi is our usual sock monkey plastic surgeon but she was out of town.  Mama had to step up.


The operating room.


After a successful Collagen Lip procedure, tummy tuck and lift, liposuction on his hip and a bottom lift, Monk Monk is a new Monkey. 

“Ah Mama you fixed him.  I love you!” was payment enough for this Sock Monkey Doctor.


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