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Friday, June 8, 2012

meet ringo!

Meet Ringo!  He is Henry’s pet firefly.


We had an amazing evening with the MG’s and Mr. Mitch last night.  Cathlin and I decided that an evening on the patio was in order for these 2 Mama’s.  Grilled Chicken, Pasta Salad, Broccoli Slaw, fresh fruit and veggies followed up with Cathlin’s amazing chocolate chip cookies were just was we needed.  It was such a joy to watch how Miss A was so excited to help her Mama in the kitchen.  She arranged the fruit on the trays so beautifully and even made lemonade ice cubes for the nuggets to enjoy in their drinks. She is quite the Martha Stewart for a young lady of 10.

Ok, so yes there was wine involved for us with laughter, tears and shrieks of joy from our nuggets as they ran the yard.  I love the friendship that we have built with this family.  These little girls have definitely won a place in the heart of all the Millers, the parents aren’t so bad themselves.  I call Miss A and H my daughters from another Mama.

Miss H, the youngest of the MG’s and Cameron’s classmate,  helped Henry catch a fire fly.  She even let him borrow her bug bracelet to bring him home.  Henry decided to name him last night and he even slept on his night stand.  Thankfully Ringo was still alive this morning. 

The boys want to catch some friends for Ringo tonight.  How can this Mama say no? 

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