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Monday, August 9, 2010

simple cooking with fresh ingredients


corn salad

I am really trying to get back on track and get things in order for school to start next week.  Yes, I said next week!  My little Cam Man starts 1st grade next week and we are all so excited for a myriad of reasons.

So in order to get us back in gear I am trying to simplify some recipes, my shopping routine and just plain how I feed my family.  For 2 weeks now I have been diligent in making a menu and making a shopping list.  I wait until my Fresh Connect order comes and then I make the menu based on what produce has come there and what is ready at the Green Acres Garden.  I have shopped at Whole Foods again and have stayed within my budget.  I can’t tell you how pleased this makes me.  I want to really pay attention to what I am giving my family.  I do firmly believe that a lot of the obesity, behavior issues, pre pubescent development has  a direct correlation to all of the additives and processed foods that we have become accustomed to in our quick and easy lifestyle that we all want. 

I am choosing to stand up and say “NO MORE” in this household.  I am going to make it work within our budget to buy wholesome, organic with no artificial ingredients.  I know I can do it.  I am pulling out the cookbooks and making simple meals that are good for us, heck I think we are having our own “Food Revolution” here at Green Acres.  Join me, look in your pantry and see what changes you can make.  We can do it.  Share ideas and recipes I would love to hear them!


  1. I'm with you on this one! I have been working and learning toward this goal for a long time now. Something makes me think it's a lifelong goal, you will always keep learning of better and best things to cook and feed your family. Switching to little or no meat and dairy has been the biggest step for us with the biggest results. Good luck! I'll be looking forward to recipe ideas!

  2. This is an awesome post! I love that you want to bring fresh and wholesome products in your home, and I am so excited to share this journey with you. That salad looks amazing