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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A brief preview...

OK Deacon here you go. This is but a brief preview of the "Exterior Illumination Project" that "Clark" aka Mr. Miller has been working on, and yes he owes everything that he has learned to Pops and the Deacon. With Mr. Miller it usually has to start on paper with a tape measure and then at least 24 hours of discussion between us. We still are not finished. I know those of you who know Mr. Miller probably want to know if the Ghosts of Christmas have been here, and the answer is " I don't know" but I will take his enthusiasm. Along with that of a 10 month old seeing a Christmas tree for the first time and a 6 year old satisfaction of a job well done.


  1. Now all you need is snow. I'm looking at your pictures and I recognize the play mat on your floor. We had the same one when my boys were little. Oh the memories.

  2. Lovely...I love this time of year! Your home is looking very festive and so is your blog! Merry Merry!