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Friday, December 4, 2009

Cameron's New Passion

Cameron has recently discovered the joys of artistic expression. Until this year he could not focus to stay in the lines. He loves anything to do with artwork, especially coloring. I have discovered many websites with free printable coloring pages. He also likes to do his own expressive drawing.

A couple of weeks ago Grampie and Grandma came from Houston and they took us to the Crayola Cafe and Store at Crown Center. He was in heaven. Not only could he just color but he got to meet one of the illustrators of Batman. Cameron loves Batman.

He has even shared with Daddy and Henry.

I hope that he can continue with this new love. We find it to be a way to redirect him when needed. It is also a nice activity at night before bed, it is calm and relaxing. Last night he crawled in my bed with his colors while I was crocheting and he drifted to sleep in about 15 minutes. Bliss!


  1. Ahhhh, a budding artist. Every kid will find his or her niche. I'm glad you've found something that's clicking. Have a great weekend. And, find yourself some more time to crochet!

  2. so neat to have him crawl into bed with you and drift off to sleep! Coloring and drawing are such a great way to unwind! So glad he's finding something expressive that he enjoys.