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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Swedish Shortbread

One of my favorite childhood memories at Christmas has always been baking with my Mom. I have a Scandinavian background and of course have always loved the food that goes with. Maybe part of why I have to make some lifestyle changes in my diet! Ha Ha Ha. When we moved to Topeka we joined a Lutheran Church that held a Smorgasbord every year and my Mom and her best friend, Diane would always bake cookies along with Rice Pudding and Potato Sausage. One of the cookies was a stamped Swedish Shortbread. Talk about melt in your mouth. I have not made these in years and I decided to try to make them Gluten Free this year and I used the Pamela's All Purpose Baking mix. They turned out great. If you don't need GF just substitute regular flour. Thanks to my sister Kristin for getting me the recipe.

swedish shortbread

1 cup butter

1/2 cup sugar

1tsp almond flavoring

2 cups flour or GF Baking Mix

(optional food coloring for holiday)

Mix until crumbly. Break into small balls, roll in sugar. Place on greased cookie sheet. Stamp (dipped in sugar) with cookie stamp, I found mine in Lindsborg, KS or use bottom of glass. Bake at 350 degrees until edges are just slightly golden brown.


  1. oh, I love shortbread. I must not make this until I know company is coming or I'll eat it all myself. Hope you're enjoying all the holiday baking!

  2. I have just begun to play with short bread, thank you so much for the recipe. Looks delicious

  3. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. I love Scottish shortbread. I've never had Scandinavian shortbread, but it looks quite similar. Yum.

  4. As the sharer of the recipe, you're welcome, sis! This recipe always brings back so many memories of Mom and makes me yearn for her all the more. I am reminded of her love of baking during the holidays and sharing her treats with others. I am passing this tradition on to my daughter, and we made these cookies to eat and share this year.

  5. I love this recipe, and it brings back so many memories of Mom and makes me yearn deeply for her. I am sharing this recipe with Abby this year, she helped me make this year's batch. It was fun and they were delicious!