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Monday, December 21, 2009

"like a band of gypsies we go down the highway..."

Yep, you guessed it the Miller's are "On the Road Again". We are leaving in the morning for Valdosta, Georgia. We are going to see the Deacon, Pops and Gigi. Maybe I should have titled this "Over the River and Through the Woods"? We are driving you know. We are supposed to go to Nashville the first night and then by Wednesday evening we will be in Valdosta.

Why is it when you pack for Holiday travel or should I say any trip with Children you feel like you are taking enough for an army? I cannot believe all the BSE (Baby Survival Equipment) that one needs. Plus the Big Red Tote of gifts, a separate bag to take into the hotel tomorrow night, port-a-crib, stroller, a duffel for the boys and one for us. Thank God for the Urban Farm Truck, I think with all the stuff in the back we should be good for extra weight if we hit bad weather. Does it ever get easier, I am referring to travel with children?

We are planning to be home by New Years Eve but that is still up in the air. Wonder Mutt is at the "pet spa" and Delani is being taken care of by Tony and Ms. Kristi. Have I told you how wonderful our neighbors are? Well even if I have I don't think you can say "Thank you enough!" My gratitude also goes to my Mom for coming back to Kansas City for the 3rd day in a row to help me get ready to leave town. She was here Saturday so Mr. Miller and I could go to Ms. Stacie and Reuben's wedding, Sunday for my family Christmas, and then today originally for Cameron's stage debut of "A Starry Night" at St. Thomas More. She must have felt the concern in my voice this morning when she asked how the packing was coming along because before I knew it she said I'll be there after lunch. She ROCKS! I love you Mommy! THANKS!

I will be checking in throughout the week but it will probably be Thursday. I will let you know A. if we made it as a family of 4 and B. if I think I will ever do this again.

What are some of your holiday plans? I would love to hear them. Whatever they are enjoy and remember the true meaning of the Season of CHRISTmas, because without him where would we be? Blessings to you all!


  1. Happy travels....It can't be easy traveling with little ones. I'm cringing at the thought of traveling 1 hour with three teens and a dog. I miss those days when my kids were little, but not packing all their STUFF. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. You are welcome my sweet girl, I wouldn't have missed this time with you guys for anything. Travel with children doesn't get easier it just gets different, just ask your sister with all of the dance conventions she has been to. You just have to have a long and organized list to go from, I saw yours, looked a lot like mine when Poppa and I travel. I love you all very much! Mimi

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Maeghan. Hope you enjoy my book! Safe travels! Wishing you and yours very happy holidays.