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Thursday, April 29, 2010

my corner

Mr. Miller has been working feverishly on the back corner of the yard. We have decided to make a meditation area and also a nice place to enjoy the garden and a glass of tea. This area is already a key player in Mama being able to keep the Rhythm alive here at Green Acres. It is so important to take time out for yourself. Ask yourself the questions, "how do I feel today", "what do I want to do". Don't let yourself go when you are busy taking care of everyone else. I know balance is hard, but it is key to the Rhythm of your home. It is OK if that load of laundry doesn't get folded before bed or if there are still dishes in the sink. I know I am rambling but this helps me to cope with the fact "I am not perfect, I don't keep a perfect house and I am not the perfect Mama or Wife" but who is? I love myself, family and the life that God has blessed me with and for now that is all I can ask for.
I asked for a bird bath and this is what he came up with.

The pavers were found throughout the yard buried by years of neglect. I am not sure what they were originally leading to out there. Most of them were around the area where he put the patio in last year. We found the basin last weekend at Lowes. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but I compromised with it being my Mother's Day Present.

I can see it coming together nicely. We still need the mulch and few other plants but the Red Bud is beautiful and the Cardinals are loving it.

I can also sit over there and admire the apple blossoms. It is too bad I have no idea what kind of apples these are.

Thank you Mr. Miller for making me a corner for my "timeouts". I love you!


  1. Spring has definitely sprung in your little corner. I'm sure the birds will be arriving shortly.

  2. how'll enjoy your corner all spring, summer and well into fall. happy early Mother's Day!

  3. Wow, Maeghan, your space looks amazing!!!! I can not wait to see how it grows through the season.