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Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Small Change: April Changes

As we wind down to Earth Day this experience has been amazing. I have learned so many things from my fellow bloggers. One Small Change: April Changes I have learned a lot about my family and realized what little things that we can change do make a difference. My son Cameron has really gotten into this project. He is my little environmentalist, he will follow you around to make sure that everything goes in its proper place for disposal.

March went well for us. I really enjoyed using the natural cleaning products. It was very nice to clean a bathroom and not be blown away by fumes of cleaners.

For the month of April we are going to concentrate on cutting down waste from food wrappers and containers. I am going to start making our breads, attempt to make the tortillas and try to buy in bulk with my own bags. It is amazing to me how much one family uses in just wrappers and containers. As it stands we usually only have one trash bag a week but my recycle bin is full. Now the bin being full is great but do we really need to be using all of those containers?


  1. way to go on sticking to this challenge! I agree, there's so much waste in packaging. I try and buy bulk whenever possible and bring our own bags, too! happy weekend and Easter!

  2. You are so right about that....There's an awful lot of waste. Last summer I repurposed a bunch of canvas bags (just like Betz White did on her blog) and now I use those when shopping. Still, it amazes me just how many bags I end up with when I go to Walmart. They literally blow through plastic there.