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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Simple Joys

As I watched Junior Mint this morning, I reflected on how it really is the simple joys in life that bring pleasure. When I started this blog I wanted to chronicle the major changes unfolding for us, and I have done that.
I look around our home at the abundance of blessings that we have received and realized "wow" we have a lot of stuff. I have really begun to see that we are a society of "stuff" always having to keep up with the neighbors. Why? Why is it that we feel that the belongings under our roof make us who we are? Does it matter if you drive a new car or a slightly older one that you can really afford? Do you need those new jeans or do you just want them?
Mr. Miller and I have started making goals for us and our family. Hopefully attainable goals that will make us rich in wisdom and love within our 4 walls.
This brings me back to my photos from this morning, here was a little boy with every toy he could ever want but what did he choose? Mama's bowls under the sink. Maybe I should re think what is in the toy box and do a cleanse?


  1. The best toys ever are never really toys.

  2. I remember those days when you and your sister were both in my tupperware and pans. I had a drawer just for you two, with all kinds of kitchen goodies you were both very fond of. What precious memories....Love to you all...Mimi

  3. I love your intentional living...and that little boy is so cute! Have a great weekend!

  4. I still remember going into the kitchen with my mom EVERY night and playing with her pots and pans. highlight of the day I think :)