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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my mother’s day

I hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day, I know I did.  My boys spoiled me with letting me sleep in, making breakfast for me, enduring an Urban Treasure Hunt and several other special gestures.  I was also treated to many hugs and kisses.

Cameron made a gift for me at school.  These are the best gifts, more precious than silver or gold.  I have every Mother’s Day Gift he has ever made me and he is so proud every year when he brings them home.  “Mama, Mama open this please!” I always respond with I will on Sunday.  Of course there are the tears on my part once I open them, I reassure him that they are happy tears because he makes my heart so happy.  He gently wipes my tears, he is such a joy!



Henry helped Daddy with the dishes for Mama.  This too is a gift more precious than words can describe.  You Mama’s out there know what I am talking about, just the fact that you have a morning where the dishwasher isn’t calling your name.  Plus the joy of watching your spouse go through the challenge of unloading the dishwasher with that pint size helper.



My day ended with a lovely dinner with my Mama prepared by the Miller Men, a visit by my beautiful Niece and Goddaughter, Nichelle, who happened to be in town for a dance competition.  Perfect Day I tell you!


  1. Your boys a just adorable! I'm glad your Mother's Day was special -- you deserve it.

  2. sounds like you were queen for the day! Happy Mother's day....wonderful blessings.